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Uni House Essentials

Luxurious Bed

Must haves: Room accessories 

“Mattress Topper: Because who needs good grades when you can have a great night's sleep?”
Fry It Up

Must haves: Kitchen essentials

“Air fryer: upgrade your cooking game whilst making it easy?”
Designing on Laptop

Must haves: Technology and Electronics

“Smart Monitor/ TV – This can double up as an extra screen for work then to watch your favorite shows in your downtime.”
Designing on Laptop

Must haves: Books to help you grow and destress

"The prince"
"The art of War"

1.Comfy mattress: Because who needs good grades when you can have a great night's sleep?

2.Coffee maker: A student's best friend—caffeine for survival and motivation!

3.The Almighty Mini Fridge: Bid farewell to sneaky roommates who devour your snacks! A compact mini fridge is a lifesaver for storing your favourite beverages, snacks, and leftovers.

4.Whiteboard: Perfect for doodling when your brain needs a break, or for leaving passive-aggressive notes to roommates.

5.Noise-cancelling headphones: Block out the distractions of dorm life and pretend you're on a tropical island (or at least in your own little bubble).

6. Laundry hamper: Remember, clean socks are essential for that "I've got my life together" vibe.

7. Power strip? Extension cords: Outlets are like gold in dorm rooms. Be the popular kid who brings extra outlets to the party.

8. Air fryer: Say goodbye to dining hall food and hello to crispy, guilt-free deliciousness. Just remember, you can't air-fry your textbooks!

9. Command hooks: These magical hooks will save your security deposit by keeping your walls hole-free (and your decorations on point).

10. Portable phone charger: Because your phone dying right before an important lecture is the 21st-century version of a tragedy.

11. A microwave is a student's secret weapon against those late-night cravings. 

Cups of Coffee



Discover the art of transforming your university bedroom into a stylish haven without breaking the bank! At Social Student Society, we understand the financial constraints faced by university students, which is why we're here to provide you with money-saving decor ideas that won't compromise on style. Our expert recommendations will help you curate a personalized and inviting space without the need for expensive purchases. 

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